/ Directed by Manuel Abramovich

In a green-screen studio, a group of people who are asking themselves questions about their gender, both children and adults, meet to imagine other possible ways of being together. The chroma background is here a way of thinking. The infinite possibility. In this green space, the norm is suspended.
A project about questions that do not seek a single answer. About gender as a fiction that we have learned. An invitation to rewrite the scripts of our lives. A film where no one has to justify their existence. We are allowed to reinvent our scenarios, and our families, to rewrite our scenes and thus imagine other possible futures.

With the support of: INCAA (Argentina), Mecenazgo Cultural (Argentina), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany), Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD (Germany), Casa de Velázquez, IDFA Bertha Fund - IBF Europe.

in coproduction with: Nabis Filmgroup.